Benefits Of Modern Day Yoga


Yoga has been an Indian concept for over centuries now as it traces its roots down to the Vedic period. People have been practicing the art of yoga for years now. But the idea or the usage of yoga has changed from the past. In the past, people performed yoga to achieve the goal that was the ultimate state of consciousness, which is Samadhi.

But modern day yoga is a lot different from the traditional yoga. So, in today’s article we will get to know a little about the modern day yoga and its benefits.

The modern day yoga was introduced in the word around the 1800s and it is so different from the traditional yoga that people infamously call it ‘no yoga’. Even though, modern yoga has an impact on one’s life in a very positive manner and can be practiced to attain mental and physical well being.

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I bet these benefits will help you make a faster decision.

Mental wellness:

In the modern world, most people tae help of yoga to attain a fit body. What they don’t realise is that performing yoga not only helps you with a great body but also helps in mental wellness. It helps you bust the stress and keeps you more calm and relaxed. We all know how stress can have a number of negative impacts on our body and yoga helps cut it out of your life or at least allows you to channel the stress into positive vibes. You release the stress in the form of negative energy and intake positive energy.

This keeps you away from any sort of drug abuse, sleep problems, headaches etc and gives you a mental clarity. Having mental clarity is actually very good because now your mind is sharpened, you have better body awareness and it helps you relieve the chronic stress patterns.

Physical wellness:

Yoga has proved beneficial to those who have been suffering through any kind of body pain or postural problems. Yoga helps such problems too. Yoga has relaxation techniques which cures problems like back aches, arthritis, headaches etc and also helps with other problems like insomnia and or blood pressure.

Apart from these, there are a few more physical benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength and toned body
  • Better respiration
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction or weight control
  • Better athletic performance

So, this was the sum of all the mental and physical benefits one gets while performing yoga. The idea of yoga may have changed over the years but it was beneficial back then and still is. There are a number yoga schools in our country but some of the best are located in Rishikesh. You could find good yoga teacher training in India. If you are looking for a state of mental and physical well being, this is your way!


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