Bill McGlashan and Robert Simonds in STX Entertainment

Photograph by Terence Patrick

STX Entertainment executives, Oren Aviv, Robert Simonds, Adam Fogelson, Sophie Watts

An American film producer who was born in 1964 and is an entrepreneur, founder and chairman of STX Entertainment. This famous personality is none other than the famous personality Robert Simonds. He has started the company STX Entertainment and the cofounder of this company is the managing partner of a leading firm TPG Growth, Bill McGlashan.

The other investors of STX Entertainment include Hony Capital, PCCW, Tencent Holdings, Liberty Global, Dominic NG, DNS Capital and Beau Wringley. Recently, Tencent Pictures has also joined the list.

STX Entertainment is being divided into different divisions. Read on to find out which are they: STX films, STX television, STX digital, STX surreal and STX international. Out of which, animation and family contents are covered by STX films. The scripted and unscripted content is covered by STX television. Virtual reality events i.e. live events are covered by STX surreal and the international partnership and distribution is headquartered in London under the banner STX international.

STX entertainment works mainly in creation, production, distribution and marketing and financing films under the banner of STX Entertainment. It is also working works in producing and financing STX television, digital media as STX digital and even host’s live events.  Robert Simonds known by his other name Bob Simonds is the founder chairman of this production company. He is known for some of his famous films namely,  “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Big Daddy”, “The wedding Singer”.

To enrich the lives of internet users, Tencent makes use of the technology. Tencent is one of the  film and television arm of Chinese. Their social products like we chat are used worldwide by the companies. Also QQ link is used to a by users. It helps users to link to a rich digital content catalogue that also includes games, videos, music and even books.

The company’s motion pictures group Chairman says that “We want to be seen as a major studio, and we also have the benefit of building ourselves today”.

When Robert Simonds was questioned in an interview about – Can Robert Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood?, he replied with a huge Yes.

This famous personality Robert Simonds was born in Phoenix in Arizona. He has completed his graduation from Yale University. He is a son of a famous businessman Robert Bruce Simonds.  He is blessed with four daughters and a son. His family lives in Los Angeles.

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