Chemotherapy An Effective Solution To Cancer


Chemotherapy in India has grown by leaps and bounds. Earlier cancer could not be detected easily and when it was, it was looked upon as  a dead end with no suitable measures to help a dying person survive. With upgraded mechanisms, better facilities, technology, management and professionalism of the doctors, the scenario of chemotherapy in India is not the same as before. It’s has changed drastically- it is better and provides a better chance at survival for a person. Earlier people would dread the side-effects of chemotherapy. But with the advancement of science chemotherapy made more progress and became more acceptable.

What exactly is chemotherapy and how much does it cost?

Chemotherapy is one of the treatments available for curing cancer apart from surgery, immunotherapy, hormone therapy radiation, etc.

Chemotherapy is basically a treatment where drugs are used to kill cancer cells. Although chemotherapy is predominantly used in the cancer segment, it is also used for various other diseases.

Chemotherapy cost in India can vary. Expenses differ depending on the drugs and how costly they are and the  amount of doses the patient requires, the stage of the cancer and other factors specific to each patient. It also depends on the location of the hospital and how well known it is, the professionalism and experience of the doctors. India’s best hospitals for chemotherapy are located in Mumbai.

How can cancer be prevented?

Time and cost are two deciding factors when you consider the treatment of cancer. Cancer is one of the most expensive diseases in the world and it’s detection in time in crucial. Once a person reaches the last stages it is difficult to bring them back. Yuvraj Singh and Angelina Jolie are two popular cancer survivors and this was the result of both time and money being in their favour.  Celebrities are known as influencers because what they do and say has a huge impact on people and they must use their status to spread a message about chemotherapy.

Why is chemotherapy better than other cancer treatments?

Chemo is very effective in killing cancer cells that have spread away from the tumor to other parts of the body. Drugs and radiation affect only that part of the body that has the tumor. They can help treat the tumor but not it’s vicious growth. Chemo comes of use when cancer or any disease branches out in scary propositions.

Palliative chemotherapy is used when the cancer has deeply spread to all other parts of the body and it’s very difficult to restore a person to his original state. It helps to restore a person to live as much as he can in his condition. It is basically to do with improving the quality of life of a person going through a tough time.

If used wisely and on time it can cure cancer completely and not have it come back. It can help a person with very few days to live, live a little longer. It can be brought under control in such a way that it can be treated like advanced stages of diabetes.

Side effects:

Just life everything rosy has a side effects to compensate for the benefits, Chemotherapy can culminate into severe heart and kidney problems, damage of the lung tissue and cause infertility. A person who could eat in good amounts may feel the loss of appetite and may experience either severe loose motions or constipation. A slight hurt can result in bleeding and bruising and the immunity level lowers considerably leading to nerve damage and anemia. The patient gets tired easily and suffers from hair loss which is a very common side effect of chemotherapy.

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