Cleaning Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid


When it comes to cleaning, people think it’s a straightforward, simple thing – find something that’s dirty and make it clean.

But the reality is that it can get much more complicated than that. There are easy ways to do the task, and there are ‘wrong’ ways to do it. They’ll still get the job done, but at what cost.

Professional cleaners at Maid in Morristown shared some of the most common ways people make their cleaning more difficult or unpleasant than it necessary.

Don’t Rub Carpet Stains

No, seriously, rubbing a carpet stain is probably worse than just leaving the stain the way it is. Accidents happen, and you may spill something on your carpet – whether it’s wine, coffee, or some food. You may immediately reach out for your cleaning products and start rubbing the stain, like you would on your counter. But don’t.

This will only drive the stain further into the thread of the carpet – which can be quite a problem depending on the type of carpet you have.

What experts suggest you do is blot the stain with a paper towel or a cloth. Absorb as much of the liquid as you can, and then spray some water and a bit of dish soap from a bottle to dilute the remaining stain and repeat the process until the stain is out.

Wear Gloves while Cleaning, Particularly in the Bathroom

When you are cleaning your whole home, or cleaning just one room in detail, it can take quite a bit of time. In fact, most people dedicate the entire morning or afternoon to cleaning. That means that your hands will be in contact with a bunch of different cleaning agents for an extended periods of time.

Even if you are using eco-friendly and ‘green’ cleaning products, that doesn’t mean that they are particularly great for your skin – just that they are less harmful to the environment.

The simplest way you can protect your skin from the abrasive nature of cleaning products is to wear gloves. Even in summer, when it’s hot and may be unpleasant to wear gloves, it’s better to have some protection on your skin than none.

Cotton Cloths Were Not Made to Clean Glass

Ah, window washing – one of the least fun things to clean around the house – especially if you have a glass partition wall looking out to your backyard. That’s a lot of windows to clean, so most people are just anxious to get through the whole house as soon as possible.

Just spray some window washer on the glass, rub it down with a cotton cloth, and move on. And then you come back when the window is dry and discover that your windows are full of those small pieces that fell off the cotton cloth.

So, cotton cloths for windows – bad idea. Fortunately, there are materials that are great for windows. For instance, microfiber cloths work much better and don’t leave any residue.

Don’t Spray the Cleaning Products on Your Surfaces, Especially in the Kitchen

We use strong detergents to clean the dirt from our homes. They get the job done, but can be abrasive and rough – both on your hands and the surfaces you’re trying to clean.

For instance, if you’re cleaning your stone kitchen counter, please don’t spray the cleaner right on the material. It may get damaged from contact with the concentrated cleaner. Instead, spray the cleaner onto the cloth you’ll be using and then apply it to the surface to be cleaned.

There are probably more common mistakes people make while cleaning, but if you manage to avoid these, you’re already half way to being better at home cleaning and protecting yourself and your property from inadvertent damage.

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