Comprehensive Guide to Using Instrumentation Stands


Cable stands and other support accessories are very crucial in designing the infrastructure in both industrial and domestic sectors. However, it takes proper knowledge and experience when it comes to choose the right material for access and instrumentation system. Continue reading to know the best material for buying support accessories and stands.

The Best Material for Instrumentation Stands

From the dawn of civilization, we have seen the uses of traditional materials like steel, wood or aluminium for developing the basic building blocks. But with the advancement of composite materials, the situation has changed completely. These products are made of two different constituent materials that are completely different than each other in terms of chemical and physical properties. FRP is such a composite material. Recently the product is in high demand in industrial sectors. Engineers generally prefer to use composite boardwalks or grating for developing the platform and access systems of industrial workshops. FRP offers benefits like:

  1. Corrosion resistivity. In many corrosive environments, this is the only solution that engineers can get to build a robust structure.
  2. The product is also light in weight and can be installed with regular tools. Hence, FRP made products are easy to install.
  3. FRP offers strength like steel or aluminium but it is much more flexible than the traditional materials.
  4. FRP is cost effective, corrosion resistance, easy to install and known for their versatility. These are the features made FRP a budget friendly solution.

So these are the main benefits of using FRP made products. Read below about different types of instrumentation stands and support accessories.

Cable Ladder and Trays – In the wiring of a building, cable ladders and trays support the electrical cable wires. It makes the power distribution process easier and also supports the communication cable distribution.

Instrument and Push Button Stands – Products like instrumentation stands made of pultruded composite material, known for providing high tensile strength. If the manufacturers also use a base system and vinyl ester tube that will make the instrumentation stand systems much cheaper than stainless steel product.

Instrumentation Trays – Based on the built quality, this product is capable to carry both light and heavy loads. The products are often sold with pre-assembled fittings.

Covers – Covers made of FRP can last long up to 50 years and can resist over 2 million fatigue attacks.

Splice Plates – These plates are available in both horizontal and vertical section. Fiberglass plates are non-conductive and do not react to electric or magnetic fields.

So these are some common instrumentation stands and support accessories. The product has also covered what is the best material for this product. In addition, industrial owners can consider buying composite grating for developing the basic blocks of their workshop. Hope the post was helpful to you and you have enjoyed reading it.

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