Comprehensive Guide to Using SEO for Managing ORM


ORM also stands for online reputation management. This is a process of restoring and improving the image of a brand by using different online channels. Many entrepreneurs think that controlling what others are saying about their business is next to impossible. But in reality, it is actually possible. With quality content, public relation, positive reviews & ratings and proper social media management, they can manage the reputation of their business. The job is hard but possible with SEO. The below discussion is based on how SEO can help owners to manage the reputation of their business online.

Careful Selection of the Domain Name

In case of online business, the domain name of a website also reflects the name of the business also. The name of the business will help you to create the first impression in your consumers’ mind. Choose a simple but memorable domain name that your customers can easily remember.

Social Networks

In today’s digital landscape marketers have started to use different social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram as a marketing channels. They use their social media brand pages to create quality leads. Well, we are not asking you to do that much. But still, you have to be active on different social media sites to manage the reputation of your business.

First of all, create brand pages on all the leading social media accounts. After that, participate on each platform on a daily basis. It will help you to create a fan base for your brand and in long run; you will get potential customers from them. Do regular posts on each profile and enhance your social network. There are many online marketing companies are available in India that helps their clients to enhance the online visibility of their business. In this type of SEO packages India you will find services like social media optimization.

Google Alert

Google offers a notification service called Google Alert that enables the users to get notified for a particular condition. To get this service users have to set some particular terms to get notifications. For example, you can set your brand name as the term. It will help you to get notified when someone else will use your brand name on their content let that be a blog, research paper, article or other web pages. It will help you to understand the performance of your SEO campaign, as well as the performance graph of your brand.

So this is how SEO can help you to manage the reputation of your brand. Some agencies offer online reputation management services in India as well as in the other countries in the world. You can hire one of them to manage the reputation of your brand.

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