Dos and Don’ts for Organizing Memorable Corporate Event


Your ability to organize a corporate event goes past your party planning skills. After all, this isn’t a social event but a business move (even though it might not seem like one at times). As such, it has to bring certain value back in order to justify the investment in organizational effort and resources. In other words, apart from having people feel pleasant, you also need to think about the kind of ROI that planning a corporate event brings. With this in mind, here are several dos and don’ts for organizing a memorable corporate event.

1. The purpose of the event

A corporate event, regardless of the company or the community, is not a social one, which is why you need to know exactly what its goals are. For instance, you may want to bring your team closer together, in which situation it has team building as its core agenda. On the other hand, you may have networking as your primary objective, in which case you should think about the best way to impress your investors and audience in general. Then again, if the event is celebratory, you need to focus on decoration, presentations and techniques that can help you display your company in its full splendor. One of the ways to manage this is to get an event agenda template, seeing as how it makes your organizational issues somewhat easier.

2. Schedule carefully

When planning an event, you need to be extra careful of other niche occurrences that are taking place about the same time. There are two main reasons behind this. First, you don’t want to share the audience with anyone else, even though you might get the bigger share. Second, you can’t risk making enemies within your industry. Competition is one thing, but scheduling an event on the same weekend as someone else might be interpreted as a less than a friendly gesture, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

3. Differentiation is a key to memorability

What is there to differentiate your corporate event from all the rest? In 10 years, what is it that the attendees will remember about this particular party? In reality, all you need is a single memorable element that will help let all the other memories flood in. There are companies which offer outdoor fixtures like giant desk chairs, tricycle coffee carts and gelato carts for hire, each of which is more than enough to make your event unique. While some of these trends can be taken indoors, it is much more efficient to find a kombi to hire for an outdoor event if you have something like this planned.

4. Draft a budget

Getting a camera drone to live-stream your event or ordering one of the above-listed accessories is a great business idea, however, if you still haven’t handled your catering, music or decoration, it might be a bit premature to think about these extras. You need to start by making priorities and in doing so, you will already tie a significant part of your budget. After all, these essentials are usually the costliest on your list, which is why you need to draft an event budget early on so that you know what kind of resources you’re actually dealing with.

5. Properly promote your event

Finally, you need to find a way to promote your event (unless it’s a closed event with the invitation-only system). Creating a promotional video can be quite handy and, in a situation where this isn’t the first event you’re organizing, using footage from previous events might be quite effective. Subsequently, if this is your first event, you might want to think about the future and hire a professional photographer. It might also be a good idea to employ some of your staff members, customers and partners to spread the word on their private social media accounts and, therefore, have them act up as brand ambassadors.

In conclusion

Depending on the nature, goal and the size of your event, you may decide to invite everyone from the list in person or to do so online. Most other similar decisions are situational and you have to make them based on the circumstances, your niche and the pre-set goals for the event. The above-listed, however, are universally relevant and, as such, deserve your full and undivided attention.

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