Google Pixel 2 Features from FCC Certification


According to the documentation on the FCC website, Google Pixel 2 will produced by HTC. It also became known that the smartphone will have the function of Edge Sense, like the HTC U11. The FCC site states that in Pixel the feature will be called Active Edge. Recall that the meaning of Edge Sense is that the user can perform some actions (for example, take a photo), just by compressing the edges of the device.


According to previously published screenshots, Google Pixel 2 will run Android 8.0.1. Also in the settings of the device was found the item “Active Edge on, squeeze for your Assistant”. This means that the owners of the smartphone will be able to compress the faces of Pixel to access the voice assistant. In addition, the screenshot shows that the amount of free memory is 50 GB, and therefore, the built-in memory will be 64 GB instead of 32. The Baseband item shows “mw8998”, which corresponds to the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

In difficult lighting conditions, I advise you to adjust the tap exposure (Auto HDR + compensation will be sufficient) or to include the enhanced HDR + mode, at which editing of the exposure is almost unnecessary. To take pictures without HDR + and Auto HDR + I do not advise, because without them Pixel XL photographs the word Chinese budget – with poor detail and a huge amount of noise. It’s amazing how it is. HDR + technology is steep, although very, very rarely, it misses. This is rather an exception to the rules, just a composition that is unsuccessful for algorithms.

Price and release date

This new generation of Google Pixel would be announced this fall and available in the wake, at least in the United States. While Google is likely to release its device in different countries, including France, which recently received the Home Smartphone and the Wi-Fi router, the international release date could be staggered in time.

The first Pixel was marketed 649 dollars and 769 dollars in its version XL. If the small format price does not have to change so much with this second generation, the many changes of the large model could push Google to increase its price.

More powerful and with pressure sensors?

This new generation of pixels would also allow Google to return in the race of power. Both Pixel 2 formats should both retain their 4GB of RAM, and switch from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor to the latest Snapdragon 835. At the same time, Google is working on designing its own chips and could put end with its relationship with Qualcomm within a few years.

Google would also have developed a pressure recognition technology on the borders, similar to what HTC offers with its latest U11. Pressing his phone would launch Google Assistant, Artificial Intelligence Android, without having to talk or press a button.


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