How Action Cameras Are Different Than General Cameras


The change in camera industry is prominent now. Different types of action cams have brought amazing revolution in the photographic realm. Now users can easily capture underwater photos or can take exciting footages from the bird’s eye view. Overall it is fair to conclude that an action camera (sports camera) offers plenty of useful advantages over the ordinary traditional cameras. In the below section we will cover how an action camera is different than the ordinary cameras in terms of appearance and performance.

In Terms of Appearance

This type of cameras is known for their lightweight and small appearance. As a result, they are easy to carry and easy to the mount. Let us take an example of GoPro Hero 4. The size of the product is 41x59x21. The size of another model of Hero 4 is 41x59x30 mm. Both the models are smaller than an adult’s hand. The weight of the product is only 80 gram. On the other hand, general cameras are larger in size than action cameras. Especially when it comes to advanced level photography, professionals need heavy camera equipment.

In Terms of Performance

Action camera enables the user to capture images and videos while performing another task. They are ideally designed to capture images of biking, swimming, surfing and other extreme sports like skydiving. When it comes to capture adventurous sport footages, action camera offers excellent performance over the ordinary cameras. In addition, most of the action cams are also dustproof and shockproof. They are also known for their heat resistance ability. These are the feature make the performance of a sports camera far better than the ordinary cameras.

In Terms of Shooting Angle

Compared to the general cameras, the biggest difference a sports cam offers is in the shooting angle. The exciting shooting angle that an action cam offers can make an ordinary selfie look amazing. In addition, Users can also mount it in different areas like on the top the handle of their bike or on their surfboard and more.  It enables users to capture great images from different exciting angles.

In Terms of Lens

This type of camera is generally designed for capturing sports images. As a result, most of this type of camera is equipped with a fisheye lens. The shorter focal length of fisheye lens enables user to capture great images. It also ensures that photographer can capture maximum photographic view in every single shot while capturing a photo.

So this is how a sports camera is different than the ordinary cameras. GoPro is the most renowned name in the camera industry. You can also consider using different types of GoPro accessories to enhance the performance of your action camera even more.

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