How to Maximize Your Music Visibility in China


In a country where more than 75% of the population is listening to music, China’s music market is still less developed like big powers like states. There is a huge challenge for players to promote and trade music in China, due to government regulations, people’s music culture and how to establish themselves in the market.

Music Market

China has not yet exploited the full potential for music development. In fact, with a population of 1.3 billion people, market size is only the twins in markets only, followed by small countries like Sweden, Belgium, or Netherlands.

However, the market is in the rapid development process. The value of the industry has been estimated that its value is $ 169 million with annual average growth of more than 60 million. In addition, the industry’s digital channels have allowed the market to pursue its development. The future of the country’s music industry will be digital. Companies recognize the possibilities of digital distribution and opportunities on the market.

Digital Music Industry

In a stage of development of digital market, more than $ 1 billion represents a dollar that needs to be provided only by supply and demand. More than 70% of China’s population listen to music by digital and mobile channels. When we talk about young people, this figure is more than 80%. Music for average time teens is music every week at 16:00.

The market enjoys a real development, which still needs to be exploited, especially regarding listening applications on smartphones. 70% of the Chinese listen to music by their phones, so exploiting the market and the time to fulfill their new ideas expectations.

Music Brand Vs Local Brand

The Tentain Group has thanked all its applications such as Qayyazim, Kogo and Cobo. According to QQ Music CEO Andygong, “Successful platform sales were successful in selling more than 20 million digital albums, ie, over 15 million dollars overall value”.

The Tencent Group can enjoy its leading position based on the user’s own mainstream assistrium. Indeed, the group owns the widest platform in the country, the largest social network, in which 850 million customers are invited. QQ music in one year and a half already has a user base, subscribing a paid membership of 200 million in which 15 million per month.

Music Market in China

Company success also lies in the diversity of music selection. This platform also has music of international singers like Lu Han or Tao, such as Ben Singers, but international singers like Big Bang or BTT like Adel or South Korean.


While the market has an enabling development potential for companies seeking business in China. It is likely to be more difficult before you can prepare it. In fact, the government has prohibited all foreign companies to share or publish digital content whether the audio or video on this area. China’s dissatisfaction with the agreement signed by the THAAD agreement with the United States of America to protect US allies from North Korea attacks.

A South Korean music industry is a pp., A market which is an increasing market for China’s entertainment industry because this year it can be very much affected by the ban because it represents $ 5 billion a year. Dramas, Capes, and Korean Pak culture have a big success with young Chinese generation. From ban, the country’s financial losses are expected from China, Haleyeview, China.

Difficulties To Develop Music

It is more difficult to integrate these new rules into the market, but it is not impossible. Effective to overcome the rules of this new government, international actors decided to go through local intervention to promote their music.

This is a case of BMG, who has partnered with Alibaba Group, an important e-commerce e-commerce player in China to promote its equipment in the country. The association between the two groups takes a form of agreement that allows Alibaba to get digital rights over 2.5 million music from BBG. In this list, we can find the Rolling Stone, Bruno Mars or Kylie Minogue.

An ideal weapon for digital foreign actors who want to promote and promote their music in China. For this, an effective digital marketing strategy is to be placed. In this article, we will explain some ways to put it in place.

Channel Position

The majority of people in China use social networks to get information, media is not used to keep in touch with their loved ones but also to find and find a product, service or brand. Is also used for.

Social media strategies are mostly used by players in China because they provide an interactive platform between the brand and its current and potential users. However, if you want to succeed in developing Chinese social networks, it is not necessary that you do not follow the strategy that you have already been able to carry in the West. Indeed, the digital universe in the Middle United Kingdom knows that it differs differently. The principles of the game are different, not Facebook, twitter, snapshot. The great virtual wall prevents all Western social networks.

Your social media strategy should focus on Chinese networks that are used differently.

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