Increase the Beauty of The House with Granite Wall Cladding Installation


Do you want to improve your home décor and increase the value of your home.? Definitely, with improved home décor you feel a sense of pride and stay happy as well as the price of your property is also increased. There are various ways to enhance the beauty of your home, and you can use multiple materials to do so.

Think about granite wall cladding installation on the surface of the house to beautify the looks of the house and prevent the hose from rough weather. Granite cladding is very popular, and it gives a rustic look to the property. There are many benefits of using stone cladding, and you cannot ignore them.

The Benefits of Granite Cladding


  • Granite wall cladding installation when done outside the house works as an excellent insulator layer to prevent heat keeping the inside temperature of the house comfortable for living.
  • Granite wall cladding installation is very durable as it does not fade away and can withstand rough weather conditions compared to wall paints. They are less expensive to maintain as you do not need to spend money frequently on maintenance. The house looks beautiful without any masonry work or painting work as wall cladding is done.
  • It also acts as a barrier to sound and both the internal or the external sounds are diluted keeping the area in and around the house peaceful. External noise gets obstructed by the granite wall cladding installation.
  • As granite is neither porous nor an absorbent material, stone cladding protects the walls of your home from getting damaged due to moisture. Water and humidity do not pass through them and the cladding keeps the primary structure of your house safe for many years to come.
  • Granite wall cladding installation can be done on the internal walls of the house. It increases the interior of the home as well as protects the walls. You do not need to paint the interior to give a new look now and then.
  • With a thin layer of granite on the walls, the look of the house changes completely. Cladding the house with the stone increases the value of the property as the longevity of the building material increases being protected by it. Though initially, it is costly, however, in the long run, stone cladding pays rich dividends of your investments.

Selecting the Granite for Cladding the Walls


  • You should choose the good quality granite for cladding the walls. Many sellers and manufacturers apply a coat of paint on low-quality granites and sell them at a high price. Before purchasing the granite, check the stone carefully so that the sellers cannot cheat you.
  • Always go for natural light colors for granite wall cladding installation as they are less prone to fracturing and cracking when applied with epoxy paints. Usually, cheap dark colored granites are sold giving a rustic look after applying the epoxy paints on them. Avoid the dark shades of the stones to keep the look of the house subtle.
  • Pour some water on the back of the granite slabs, and you can see the original color. This is another method of choosing the perfect granite for your wall cladding.

Day by day, cladding the walls with granite is increasing due to less maintenance cost in the long run. Also, it is gaining popularity as it increases the constructional beauty of the house. Granite wall cladding installation is chosen by many house owners to give their home a classic and elegant look.

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