It is evident that the web is a fast evolving space and with the course of time the guidelines to make your websites even more catchy changes very fast. This post deals with some of the latest trends in web designing to be witnessed in 2017.

  • No more traditional web designing

Considering the recent development in the field of online marketing, it can be easily stated that the sense of traditional web designing is gradually fading away. Now designers don’t try to make the website look beautiful, rather they work for the experiences of the users along with their stories.

  • Use of GIFs and other animations

Considering the latest trend, use of GIFs and other animations is increasing rapidly. These animations help the online businesses to offer rich product experience and it also offers a guide to its users.

  • Conversational UI

As stated by Chris Messina, “2017 will be the year of conversational commerce.” As most of the messaging and online chatting platforms like WeChat, Messenger, Slack, etc.) are overtaking the social networks, so most of the online businesses have started looking for the way of utilizing the aforesaid changes.

These are some of the important and latest trends to be followed in the year 2017. Hope all these changes make the online marketing more pleasing experience.