Legal Notice for Defamation: Protect Your Fundamental Rights


Has anyone ever tried to a pass some false statement against you? Did someone debilitate your reputation in public? Then it’s high time that you stand up for yourself and fight for justice in order to gain back your lost repute. We all are aware about how the legal trials in our country work and if you do not have any professional advocate assisting you, then it will be quite difficult for you.

So before filing a legal notice for defamation against someone in the court of justice, just make sure that you have acquired the services of a professional lawyer who will put forth your viewpoints and opinions which will surely work in your favor and boost your chance of winning the case.

There are many law consultancy firms which provide for skilled and qualified advocates who have years of experience and specializes in these type of cases.

What does Defamation means?

When someone insults you or tries to degrade your reputation by passing inappropriate comments either verbally or through publishing media, then such incidents are termed as a case of defamation and the person against whom such false information has been spread about are known as the “defamed party”.

As per the law, a person can get defamed in two ways-

  • By way of written article in a printed media like newspaper which is known as a “libel”; and
  • If someone has commented something worng about you which you find unsuitable and such defamation is known as a “slander”.

Evidence or proof required for filing a defamation case:

The “defamed” person can file a case or a legal notice India court of justice and can fight for his rights. To make the case strong enough, the defamed person needs to acquire all the essential documents and evidences related to the legal case which acts as a proof that he/she was defamed in some manner by the guilty party.

The Indian court of justice accepts the following as a legal proof or evidence for a Defamation case-

  • If you have been defamed by a person or a third party, either by way of a written matter or spoken conversation, then you need to present the evidence for the same. Most of the times written evidence are considered to be more accurate.
  • Sometimes false information about you can get printed on social media platforms like newspaper or on television as well. In such cases, you need to obtain a copy of that particular article and it can act as a proof for your case.
  • People, at times, get defamed in many worse ways and his reputation can be on line. For such people, filing a legal notice for defamation becomes quite essential as the society raises questions regarding their character and to prove their innocence, the only way left for them is to take legal help.

It’s our fundamental right to fight for justice and with correct evidence and proof we can go to the court of justice to ensure that our rights are safe.

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