Points To Remember While Planning The Perfect Prom Night


In today’s time Prom has fast become one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. It is the time in your life which you will not soon forget. This is the one party that everyone looks forward to in their young life. It is a night of fashion, memories, laughter and fun. It is a night you never forget no matter how old you get.

So it is our duty to create the perfect night.


Planning a prom may sound easy but is a lot of hard work. There are many factors you need to keep in mind to make it a success. They following are factors you cannot miss:

  1. THE THEME: The first and most important step in planning the prom is the theme it will be constructed around. Decide a theme which can be easily followed yet is completely original or vintage. The prom theme should reflect a certain class and yet be fun to participate in. The theme can be based around a particular concept like, starry nights, a specific movie/ T.v-show like James Bond or you could even go towards a particular fashion era or simply decide upon a colour theme like red and gold.
  2. THE FOOD: Other than the theme, the most important thing while planning a prom is food because if the food isn’t good then the whole thing is a waste. Life is sad without food. Remember that. If you’re prom is based on a colour theme then the food can be of any kind but if you’re planning a particular theme then make sure the food reflects the theme as well. Figure out fun ways to make it reflect the theme of the prom.
  3. MUSIC: What’s a prom without music? The music should consist of playlists ranging from the hottest BOPS to the slowest and sweetest tunes.
  4. DECORATIONS: The decoration like all other aspects of the prom should definitely be according to the theme you have kept so tell you’re planning and creative team to make sure the theme they decide is doable yet original.

Now that the prom is planned it is up to the people attending the prom to make sure they dress up according to the themes i.e. your prom dress and tux should be according to the theme so that the overall look is not ruined.

Tuxes are easy so women need to keep in mind that no matter what kind of dress they choose i.e. ball gowns, knee length, illusion, long and flowing, cut out, flapper or the two piece prom dresses they want is completely in accordance with theme yet also reflect the personality of the person them-self.

In all these restrictions the first and foremost thing to always keep in mind is to take a lot of pictures so that you have something to remember this magical night by and make sure that you have fun!

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