The advanced Galaxy S9 smartphone is incredible


The Galaxy S8+ with a lovable size of 6.2” AMOLED achieved a great victory and the manufacturers are doing once again backbreaking efforts for the next Samsung flagship of the coming year- The Galaxy S9. Another detail of S8+ to consider of this model is, for example, the large number of connection options. So, for example, we must value very positively that the Samsung Galaxy S8 + is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 plus the use of mobile payments is an option in this smartphone. The great beast Galaxy S9 will come up to the market with a higher version Bluetooth 5.2 and latest Cat 18 LTE modem technology offering a 1.2Gbps download link to download any HD video in just 10 seconds.


The button that allows you to play the video to Samsung’s full screen

Since (today) nobody produces videos thinking of mobile phones with curved corners, what makes the phone when we click on this icon is to apply a small zoom on the image so that it occupies every inch of the screen of Galaxy S8. It is true that with this we lose part of the image, but in return, we gain immersive experience; In addition, it is an optional function, and if we want we can always play the video in its original format leaving two black stripes on the sides.  The display of upcoming hi-class model Galaxy S9 is so amazing and adjusting that it covers 95% Screen to body ratio and with this, not a single part will be lost while viewing any video.

Price of Galaxy S9

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + is 839 euros, so it is a good option to get hold of this phablet that has a quality beyond doubt and adding all that it offers, is what Best we have ever seen. But if you want a more passionate, deluxe features and dynamic processor, the Galaxy S9 is really a smart choice and waiting for this lovely smartphone is absolutely fine as it deserves every euro of this phone. The expected S9 price is 859 euros.

We have been able to analyze the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, the smallest screen version of the new high end of the Korean company. This new device maintains much of what we saw when trying the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, but it is worth knowing what this model offers with 5.8 inches so that we could get more ideas about the extent of features in Samsung Galaxy S9.

As we have indicated, the thS8 model comes with many similarities with the one that has a much larger screen (specifically 6.2 inches) and therefore is suitable for those looking for a smartphone that can be operated with just one hand. And is that on the Samsung Galaxy S8 has managed to integrate its panel in such a way that it occupies somewhat less than what usually 5.5-inch models offer. And, all this, without losing an undeniable attractiveness and of course, the already habitual lateral curvatures of its screen.


Galaxy S9 is a hi-class, deluxe smartphone with every feature just mind blowing and waiting for this smartphone is really worth and thrifty.


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