The Best and Weirdest Future Car Tech at CES 2022


A handful of the newest innovations on display at CES 2022 were sure to change the way we see cars. BMW and Honda showed off plans to integrate a digital cockpit into electric vehicles. Renault and NVidia also expanded their partnership to include chassis. In fact, General Motors will be relying on Qualcomm SoC for next-gen ADAS. In other news, Uber and Volvo expanded their partnership to include autonomous trucks.

While CES is known as a technology show

It is quickly becoming an exhibition space for automotive innovation. With ample space outside the convention show floor in Las Vegas, companies from around the globe are showcasing everything from the latest infotainment systems to connected experiences and new in-car experiences. The possibilities are endless. As a car manufacturer, you should expect to see some of these innovations at CES 2022.

While Tesla, Audi, and BMW unveiled color-changing cars

The biggest trends at CES were automated drivingpassenger experience, and compute power. Other highlights from the conference were BMW’s color-changing vehicle, an automobile that changes color and an animal-communication device. In short, the future is now. There are many things to look forward to. The future of mobility is here, and there are plenty of new innovations to be found.

Mercedes showed off the Nextbase iQ

A connected dash cam. With a 178 trillion operations per second, the chip will be capable of driving autonomously. The EyeQ Ultra SoC is currently in full automotive production, and its silicon will be used for next-generation EyeQ SoCs. As for BMW, the Vision EQXX focuses on the electric future with its aerodynamics, sleek design, and efficiency.

In 2022, the focus on mobility was one of the most exciting and intriguing future car tech

With the help of smart technology, autonomous vehicles will be able to make a driver’s job easier. And a smart dashboard that can tell you how much gasoline you’ve driven will give you the option to monitor your fuel economy and reduce your carbon footprint. It will be possible to make your car more efficient and eco-friendly, which is why autonomous vehicles are the best choice.

Volvo plans to develop a flying car using a compact fusion reactor

In the movie, Doc Brown transforms his time machine into a flying vehicle using plutonium, while in reality, it uses fossil fuels and fusion energy. IndiEV, a Los Angeles startup, has unveiled a fully electric, eco-friendly car called the IndiEV at CES 2022. The company claims that the IndiEV is the first all-electric car.

Blackberry and Tesla will be integrating digital cockpits into their vehicles

Their digital cockpits will have intelligent voice, entertainment, and vehicle health monitoring. The company will also incorporate cloud technology into its vehicles. While the CES 2022 cars look great and are a good match for the visions of the upcoming year, it’s important to remember that this is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

The digital cockpit will transform the front cab into a digital world

The digital cab will also include driver-assistance systems and streaming video. However, all of these features require processing power, which is why the best and ugliest future car tech at CES 2022 will be largely electronic. Aside from these features, the newest cars will also have the capability to interact with other cars.

Blackberry’s vision of the future car technology will be based on cloud computing and AI

The company’s software will be compatible with other mobile devices and will be built into the car. The Blackberry system on chip will be purpose-built for autonomous driving. The company has also announced that it will use the silicon for next-generation EyeQ SoCs, which will be used in advanced driver-assistance systems.

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