Tips to maximize your annual leave to travel more


Many people cannot use their annual leave due to lack of proper planning and money. And as a result, most of their yearly leave gets wasted.  It is the time that you start shopping from and plan a proper trip for your annual leave. So, here are some tips for maximising your annual leave and travel the world in a specific course of time:

  1. Make a list of the destinations that you want to travel

Making a list of destinations may seem to be unnecessary to some of you. But, let me tell you it is a great idea that will help you maximise your annual leave to travel the world. Try to make a long list of the places that you want to travel within a year and from that try to prioritise the locations that you prefer within this specific list. Because it will help you to calculate the time you can take away for.

  1. Try to make a rough budget about a trip that you are planning

Being on holidays is not cheap. So, it will be an excellent idea to figure out how much money you will need to complete this trip. And the time in which you are planning the vacation will be a peak time. Prices of the hotels will be pretty high. Try to put some of your money aside at every payday of the month.  Hence, you will not have to rush for the money at the times of booking. Thus, making a rough budget will be of great use if you want to enjoy your holidays properly.

  1. Try to travel closer to home

Try to visit places which are closer to your home. Travelling doesn’t mean that you have to go far away from your home. There are many places near your home that you can travel and enjoy to the fullest. Also, travelling near your house will check your budget, and you will get more time and places to travel within a short period.

  1. Try to take at least a whole week off

Weekend tours are great, but it will only enhance you up to a certain level of energy. So, try to take at least a whole week to go for a vacation. It will completely satisfy your thirst and will boost you up. Not only that but by taking a whole week off you can also savour the flavour of travelling to the fullest.

  1. Dry to work in an office when everyone is on vacation

Your colleagues will be grateful to you if you step-in in your office when they are on vacation. It is called ‘office staycation’. Your office will be calm and composed because everyone else is on vacation. You can also work properly. And when everyone comes back, take the leave that you deserve. Let your co-workers do the work while recovering from the holiday daze and you go to satisfy the thirst of your wanderlust.

  1. Try to be rational about your leave

It is challenging to work full time. You are restricted to a limited number of leave in a year. Do not use your annual leave at once. Yes, you can take a month-long leave and travel, but it will mean that you cannot take your holiday for the rest of the year. Respect your number of leaves and plan it accordingly. So, try to save your holidays and plan your trips properly.

  1. Try to use all of your day offs

There are many people who don’t use their day off to the fullest. They are busy doing their table works at the time of day offs. Don’t be a spoil-sport. Try to utilize your day offs, no matter how much pressure you receive from your bosses. These offs are your rights. So, voice for it and utilise your day offs appropriately.

  1. Public holidays are of great use

Use your public holidays to travel. Make a list of all the public holidays that are coming in next year and plan your travel respectively. By doing this you will be able to utilize your holidays properly. Try to plan them in advance so that you don’t have to think about it at the right time.

Planning a tour within a specific number of holidays is not an easy job. You will need planning, time and patience to go for the desired vacation. So, follow the above tips, start packing your bags and go for your dream destinations that you always wanted to travel.

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