What Pregnant Women Should Know about Uterine Fibroids


It is a dream of each and every woman to become a mother.  As people say, a woman’s life comes to its fullest shape when she becomes a mother. Now all are not so lucky to have a child. There are several reasons that prevent women from becoming pregnant. Uterine fibroids, also referred as leiomyomas are one of the most common health issues that may cause infertility.

Do you have a clear idea about fibroids?  If no, then you may go through the following section where I have given some useful information regarding this topic. If you want to know more about fibroid pregnancy, you may dive into the below section.

Uterine Fibroids – The Basics

Leiomyomas are the non-cancerous tumors which generally appear on the smooth muscle layer of the female reproductive organ, known as womb. As these tumors are non-malignant, they are not life-threatening. Here are some of the basic facts regarding these cysts,

  • Non-malignant tumors can appear either in multiple numbers or in a single number
  • They are  very common
  • The tumors can vary in size
  • The female hormone, estrogen is mainly responsible  for the growth of fibroids
  • Leiomyomas sometimes cause complications during pregnancy

The Relation between Fibroids and Pregnancy

Large shares of women who are at their childbearing age develop these non-malignant cysts. Are you one of them? If yes, then you must be thinking whether these cysts lead to infertility or not. The truth is that it is known from the past cases that the cysts sometimes impact on fertility. However this impact varies from patient to patient.

Actually, the locations of the tumors is what that determines how much they would affect your pregnancy. If these cysts are found in the specific areas of the uterine cavity, they will distort the womb shape and size. This only happens when the fibroid appears in large size.

Unfortunately, this health issue is very common and they grow at a rapid rate. This is why, it is better to treat them before they affect your fertility. As a patient, you will be happy to know that new developments for fibroids have been introduced. By undertaking the latest treatment, you will be able to cure these tumors within a very short time.

Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE)

UFE is the latest treatment procedure for fibroids. In this treatment, the doctor blocks the blood supply to the non-malignant cysts so that they do not get nutrients to grow and shrink. This is how; the women get rid of these cysts.  Here are some important facts regarding UFE treatment,

  1. No involvement of hysterectomy or the removal of the tumor affected womb
  2. Permanent solution within a short time
  3. No scarring and no stitches
  4. Rapid recovery
  5. Less risky than the open surgery

With the above mentioned information, hopefully, now you have realized why UFE treatment is better for you. Well, you have this health issue, quickly take an appointment with a reliable doctor who has wide experience and extensive knowledge.

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