Wrong Challan Issued_ Here’s What To Do


Technology, as advanced as it may be, can also be prone to glitches. Some of the vehicle owners all over India have suffered due to a wrongly issued traffic penalty. Oftentimes people have reported a case wherein they have received a challan for some traffic violation, which they are certain they did not commit. And on checking the e-challan details, this has proven to be true. But with a wrongly issued e-challan comes an even bigger problem: how to dispute the challan? Which authority to go to? Where should one register a complaint for the same? Moreover, with revisions being made in the Motor Vehicles Act, the amount payable for traffic offences has increased significantly, thus making this nothing short of a nightmare for people. Thus, in order to help people and give them a means to air their grievances and dispute their e-challans, the Traffic Police has made a feature with which a person can contest their e-challan virtually.

Before you go ahead and contest your e-challan, you must first verify the challan online. You can do so by visiting the website created by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), called Parivahan Sewa. There, you can check and verify the status of your e-challan easily, along with many other services such as getting vahan details, and checking the blacklist status of your vehicle. If there has been a challan, wrongfully or otherwise, issued to you, you will receive the challan number and other details via SMS on your registered mobile number. With the challan number, you can visit the portal and see the details of your challan, such as the time and location. Along with that, they also provide you with photographic evidence of the violation, with camera based surveillance systems. However, there may be times that the camera reads the number plate incorrectly or partially, thus wrongfully issuing a challan to a different vehicle. According to officials, this can happen due to improper or unclean number plates, making it difficult for the cameras to capture the license plate properly.

In such cases, you can easily verify if it was your vehicle or not that committed the offence. In case you feel you have been wrongfully issued a challan, you now have the facility to contest the same online. According to Section 208 of the Motor Vehicles Act (1998), any person who receives a court summons and e-challan on their registered mobile number can challenge the violation issued against them, or pay the dues. To do so, they can log on to the MoRTH’s web portal and contest the challan. The ministry has also curated virtual courts, where you can punch in your mobile number and see the challans against your vehicle. You can then contest them through the virtual court itself. You can also notify the concerned traffic police via email about the incorrect challan, or visit the nearest Traffic Police station with valid proof verifying your innocence. You will have to have the vehicle documents, if available GPS location of the vehicle (if applicable) on the date of the violation, etc., with you while making your case.

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